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Free Maths Quiz Game
Free maths game

Random mathematical questions, try and correctly answer the sums as quickly as possible to score higher points and move onto a more challenging level.

Free Maths Quiz Game

Sudoku Tips and Strategies
The sudoku guide

We’ve developed this handy resource with but one goal in mind; to give you an exhaustive and comprehensive collection of Sudoku information, tips, and strategies in one handy reference guide.

The Sudoku Guide

Tetris - The Classic Puzzle Game
The classic tetris puzzle game

The goal of this puzzle game is to manipulate the tetrominoes with the aim of creating a horizontal row of blocks without gaps.

Tetris Puzzle Game

Mad Professor Numbers Game
Mad professor maths game

Calculate the computer generated three-digit number with only one use of 4 one-digit, 1 two-digit and 1 three-digit numbers.

Mad Professor Numbers Game

Basic Strategies For Solving Sudoku Puzzles
Basic techniques for solving sudoku

This video demonstrates the basic strategies in solving a basic sudoku puzzle.

Basic Strategies For Solving Sudoku Puzzles

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How to Play Sudoku

When you glance at a Sudoku chart, you will observe that it contains nine rows and also nine columns. Inside each of these rows might be some figures already in place. These figures need to stay there since you will be playing the game round these numbers.

You will note that the figures are between 1 and 9, which is what you will be working with. The goal of the game is to make use of the numbers 1 through 9 and fill in the rows, boxes, and the columns with these numbers, however you can not have two of the same figure in every row, box, or column.

Sudoku Rows, Columns and Boxes

How to play sudoku

  • There are 9 boxes each containing the numbers 1 to 9
  • There are 9 columns each containing the numbers 1 to 9
  • There are 9 rows each containing the numbers 1 to 9
Beginners Guide On How To Play Sudoku
Sudoku tips for the beginner

Simple clear instructions on how to complete an easy sudoku puzzle from beginning to end.

Sudoku Playing Guide For The Beginner

Different Levels of Sudoku
Sudoku Puzzle

There are different levels that will challenge you, though it will be less frustrating to start off with the easiest level possible.

  1. Easy Sudoku Puzzles
  2. Medium Sudoku Puzzles
  3. Hard Sudoku Puzzles
  4. Evil Sudoku Puzzles
How to Get Faster at Solving Sudoku Puzzles

Getting proficient at Sudoku is simply a matter of practice. As you continue to try to fill in grids, you will begin to notice patterns which emerge when certain numbers start in particular positions.

This will help you to start to perceive where you need to put each of the missing numbers. With every new game, you will become quicker and more efficient at placing numbers, while also beginning to be able to remember what numbers are where on the puzzle.

The Benefits of Playing Sudoku

Sudoku doesn't require any special math skills or high level calculations expertise. It's actually just a uncomplicated, fascinating and amusing puzzle game which has a sole answer that can be reached logically without guessing. And all that's needed is brains plus concentration.

Numbers games like Sudoku can be addicting however unlike most addictions, they are in fact beneficial for your brain. Playing sudoku helps to stimulate your mind, it can improve your memory and may assist in delaying the effects of aging.

How to Play Sudoku
Sudoku Playing Guide

The fascination of Sudoku lies in the broad challenge the game can present, from straightforward to annoying, which allows users of all skill levels to play at an suitable level. Sudoku in addition offers a wide range of tactics that can be used to complete puzzles, from simple to complex.

And that's where the real allure of the game can be found, as every board can be solved through nothing but logical deductions. There's no guesswork or trial and error necessary, although these are often employed tactics as well.

How to Play Sudoku

Printable Easy Sudoku Puzzles

Printable Medium Sudoku Puzzles

Printable Hard Sudoku Puzzles

Printable Evil Sudoku Puzzles

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