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Free sudoku game with 5 levels of difficulty. Just copy the one line of code and paste it into your website, the game will appear exactly the same as demonstrated here!

08-01-2014 09:35
Thanks for the massive amount of puzzles!

It will take me some time to get through this lot, maybe a couple of years to complete all these sudoku puzzles!
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Tips for Playing Sudoku
Sudoku Playing Guide

The appeal of Sudoku lies in the broad difficulty the game can present, from simple to annoying, which allows users of all skill levels to play at an suitable level. Sudoku also offers a wide choice of procedures that can be used to complete puzzles, from straightforward to complex.

And that's where the real appeal of the game can be found, as every board can be solved through nothing but logical deductions. There is no guesswork or trial and error necessary, though these are often employed tactics as well.

Tips for Playing Sudoku

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