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Easy sudoku puzzle
Video: How To Play Sudoku
Sudoku tips for the beginner

Simple clear instructions on how to complete a sudoku puzzle from beginning to end.

Beginners - How To Play Sudoku

What is Sudoku?
Description of sudoku

Sudoku is a puzzle/game that first appeared in the 1970’s, but remained in relative obscurity until the early 2000’s. Since then it’s become a mainstay in newspapers across the world, and spawned dozens of offshoots and variations.

What is Sudoku?

Sudoku Terminology
The different words used to describe sudoku

First let's get started with some terminology so you'll know what the heck we're talking about when we dig into some strategies.

Sudoku Terminology

Sudoku Beginner and Intermediate Strategies
Beginner techniques

Now that you’ve got some terminology under your belt, and understand the most basics element and goals of the game, let’s dig into some strategies to help you start filling in the blanks.

Sudoku Beginner and Intermediate Strategies

Medium Solving Sudoku Techniques
Techniques to solve harder puzzles

The first is Squeezing. This is the simplest way to sniff out hidden singles. With this technique, we're going to break the board down into separate boxes of 3 rows or 3 columns, and look for instances of 2 numbers within those columns or rows.

Medium Solving Sudoku Techniques

Advanced Sudoku Solving Strategies
Advanced sudoku techniques

Let’s now look at some of the more complex strategies individually. Let’s start with one of the more well known advanced strategies, X-Wing. Take a look at the board below, which is set up to demonstrate this technique.

Advanced Sudoku Solving Strategies

Alternative Strategies and Sudoku Variations
Sudoku variations

When things just aren’t falling into place like they should, you have one last resort, and that is Guessing. Now there is some debate about whether ‘guessing’ is a legitimate tactic or not.

Alternative Strategies and Sudoku Variations

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The Complete Guide to Sudoku
Sudoku Playing Guide

The fascination of Sudoku lies in the broad challenge the game can present, from straightforward to annoying, which allows users of all skill levels to play at an suitable level. Sudoku in addition offers a wide range of tactics that can be used to complete puzzles, from simple to complex.

And that's where the real allure of the game can be found, as every board can be solved through nothing but logical deductions. There's no guesswork or trial and error necessary, although these are often employed tactics as well.

The Complete Guide to Sudoku

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New Printable Sudoku Puzzles

We have uploaded some new printable sudoku puzzles for you to enjoy. You can find the new puzzles by clicking the following link Printable sudoku puzzles

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