Sudoku Playing Tips

Videos on how to improve your sudoku playing skills

Tips for increasing your sudoku skills
Excellent Sudoku Playing Guide For The Beginner
Sudoku tips for the beginner

Simple clear instructions on how to complete a sudoku puzzle from beginning to end.

Excellent Sudoku Playing Guide For The Beginner

Basic Filling In of a Sudoku Puzzle
Basic Filling In

A standard Sudoku 9x9 puzzle being solved from beginning to end, one-step at a time. Clear video but would have been nice to have some commentary explaining the moves.

Basic Filling In of a Sudoku Puzzle

Slicing and Dicing
Slicing and dicing technique

This is a guide that demonstrates the basic technique used in solving sudoku puzzles, this technique is known as slicing and dicing.

Slicing and Dicing

Basic Strategies For Solving Sudoku
Basic techniques for solving sudoku

This video demonstrates the basic strategies in solving a basic sudoku puzzle.

Basic Strategies For Solving Sudoku

Thomas Snyder - Sudoku Playing Tips
Tips from a sudoku master

Thomas Snyder shares some playing tips on how he quickly solves sudoku puzzles.

Thomas Snyder - Sudoku Playing Tips

Sudoku Solving - Naked Pairs
Naked pairs technique

This video demonstrates the "Naked Pairs" strategy to help in solving a sudoku puzzle.

Sudoku Solving - Naked Pairs

Box Line Pointing Technique
Box Line Pointing Technique

This video demonstrates the "Box-line Pointing" strategy in solving more difficult sudoku puzzle.

Box Line Pointing Technique

Sudoku Solver - Solve Any Sudoku Puzzle
Sudoku Solving Program

When it is completed it will probably present you with a completely filled Sudoku. It might, however tell you it can’t solve it purely by logic.

Sudoku Solver

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The Complete Guide to Sudoku
Sudoku Playing Guide

The fascination of Sudoku lies in the broad challenge the game can present, from straightforward to annoying, which allows users of all skill levels to play at an suitable level. Sudoku in addition offers a wide range of tactics that can be used to complete puzzles, from simple to complex.

And that's where the real allure of the game can be found, as every board can be solved through nothing but logical deductions. There's no guesswork or trial and error necessary, although these are often employed tactics as well.

The Complete Guide to Sudoku

New printable sudoku puzzlesWebsite Updates

New Printable Sudoku Puzzles

We have uploaded some new printable sudoku puzzles for you to enjoy. You can find the new puzzles by clicking the following link Printable sudoku puzzles

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Printable Easy Sudoku Puzzles

Printable Medium Sudoku Puzzles

Printable Hard Sudoku Puzzles

Printable Evil Sudoku Puzzles

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